7 Expert Tips For Building A Wine Cellar Under Stairs

7 Expert Tips For Building A Wine Cellar Under Stairs

The area under the stairs is a great place to store your wine. With that said, many avid wine collectors may not have even considered using that space to do so. After all, it’s a little unconventional - but that’s the point! Sure, the space beneath a stairwell tends to not have your usual dimensions - but, when done right, it can be an impressive way to show off your collection in a fun and unique way. 

Keep reading on to find out helpful tips for building under stairs wine storage. 

Why Build a Wine Cellar the Under Stairs?

Most wine collectors have small-to-medium-sized collections. This means that there’s a good chance that there is just the right amount of space for your catalogue. The Swedes have the perfect word for it, which is ‘lagom’, which roughly translates to ‘not too much, not too little, just the right amount’. Adapting your wine room to the space beneath your stairs can give that very particular satisfaction from moderation.

Under the stairs wine spaces are also great for people with limited space, especially considering that this area is often underused. Having a smaller space to work with also means that you can potentially create an under the stairs wine space at a pretty moderate budget. Lastly, having a wine cellar under the stairs allows you to express your unique style!

1. Consider a Triangular Design Based on the Shape of Your Stairs

When installing or building an under the stairs wine rack, getting the measurements right is more important than usual. This is because the shape of the room could be unconventionally ‘triangle shaped’, due to the shape of the stairs. With that said, leaning into this shape for your wine cellar, and its entrance can lead to really unique designs. 

2. Install a Wine Fridge for Extra Control of Your Wine Collection

Maybe you don’t want to go through the effort of adapting your design to fit the shape of the stairs - that’s okay! One option is to install a wine fridge under the stairs. This is even easier if your stairs come with a cupboard. A wine fridge will allow you to control your wine’s temperature, lighting and more, as well as prevent any unwanted vibrations. 

We recommend wine refrigerators. They have all the tools to take the guesswork out of wine collecting and wine aging, and also are a great way to present your collection to guests. Click here, to find out more. 

3. Utilise a Transparent Design to Show Off Your Wine Collection

One unique idea for your DIY wine cellar under stairs is a transparent design. This means having the front wall and doors made of glass. This allows you to easily show off your sleek and modern wine cellar under stairs design to anyone. We recommend some stylish low-lighting too for houseguests to admire your collection, even if they don’t enter the space. 

4. Use a Narrow Design to Make the Most of Tight Spaces

Narrow wine racks are can be a great way to make the most of what vertical space you have available - they also look great! Whether you’re thinking of wine ladders or modular wine racks for tight space, there are many options to choose from to prove that wine collections can exist in any space. We recommend checking out wine towers - they’re a must-have fixture for die-hard wine collectors and are even popular for vineyards and boutique winemakers who sell on site. 

5. Use Custom Wine Racks to Fit Your Wine Rooms

The great thing about wine racks is that you can easily get high-quality, custom wine racks which are also very affordable. All you need to do is measure your under the stairs wine room’s dimensions, and then order your customisable wine racks to fit the space like a glove. Check out our online store for more inspiration. 

6. Consider Your House’s Decor When Choosing a Wine Rack Design

Of course, your design is ultimately up to you and your tastes, but it’s also useful to consider the decor of your home. A transparent design is often considered modern, whereas something which leans on wooden material will tend to be seen as vintage, or even homely. 

7. Use a Wine Conditioning System (If You Have Enough Space)

Having a room just for your wine will also be beneficial for collection, particularly if you wanted to age it. This means you get to control its conditions more easily. Aside from a wine fridge, there’s no better way to keep your wine fresh than with a Wine Conditioning System. Of course, they tend to take up a little more space than usual, so make sure you are confident that you can fit it before you invest in one!

Where To Find The Right Wine Storage for Your Dream Collection

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